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Ride for a Cause on September 9!

Route Options


  • Select the length, time or geography that feels right for you. You can mix and match rides to get the distance you want. Do all 3 for a total of 75 miles.

  • Registration opens at 8:00a and closes at 11:00a. We provide 3 options if you want to be a part of a group traveling with an experienced rider.

    • A​ trip to/from Conklin will leave at 8:00a for a 39-mile ride.

    • A trip to/from Spring Grove will leave at 9:00a for a 20.2-mile ride.

    • A trip to/from John Ball Park will leave at 10:00a for a 15.6-mile ride.

    • Note: The 10:00a trip is family-friendly with refreshments provided at Johnson Park.
  • There is an outbound and inbound  map for the same destination. Click "Google Link" to show the map on your device OR "Download" in advance for a printable version.

  • Maps of Johnson Park will be available at the registration tent. Riders wanting shorter distances may take advantage of various loops within the park.

ROUTE # 1 -- 15.6 Total Miles

Johnson Park to John Ball Park

7.8 miles -- Estimated 38 min 

John Ball Park to Johnson Park

7.1 miles -- Estimated 36 min 

JP to John Ball Park.PNG
John Ball to Johnson Park.PNG

ROUTE # 2 -- 20.2 Total Miles

Spring Grove to Johnson Park

10.1 miles -- Estimated 54 min

Johnson Park to Spring Grove

10.1 miles -- Estimated 54 min 

JP to Spring Grove in Hudsonville.PNG
Spring Grove to JP.PNG

ROUTE # 3 -- 39 Total Miles

Conklin to Johnson Park

19.5 miles -- Estimated 1 hour 42 min 

Johnson Park to Conklin

19.5 miles -- Estimated 1 hour 42 min 

JP to Conklin.PNG
Conklin to JP.PNG

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