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Asset-based community development (ABCD) taps into the dreams and strengths of neighborhood residents. ABCD leverages the power of local associations and the support of institutions like city governments, churches, and nonprofit organizations. The principles and practices of ABCD have been field-tested, refined, and adopted by communities across North America and around the world for more than 35 years.

The main focus of Great Lakes Urban Restoration Network is to develop the strategy and provide structure and support for this movement to ensure it is widely embraced.

When ABCD is successfully implemented, neighborhoods and cities often see:




An increased sense of pride and ownership from neighborhood residents


Improved and proactive relationships with city governments, and more participation in community-strengthening activities and actions

Improved Lives

Reduced crime rates, improved academic achievement by their youth, increased feelings of possibility and hope, and many other quality of life improvements

Click on the link below for a discussion with John McKnight, Co-founder of the ABCD Institute and Cormac Russell, Director of ABCD Europe. And visit this blog post for additional resources on the thinking and writing of these two luminaries. 

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