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Lunch+Learn -- June 8, 2022 (& Sept 14, Dec 14)

Our quarterly Lunch+Learn series is a live, open, virtual conversation with neighborhood and community leaders that are building strong neighborhoods and vibrant cities using asset based community development. Join us to be inspired and to learn principles and practices that you can apply in your context. 

2022 Dates: March 9, June 8, Sept. 14, Dec. 14 (second Wednesday of the quarter)

Times: 12p-1p ET (US & Canada) via Zoom Webinar

Cost: Free, but registration is required. Registration opens a month before the event. We announce the registration via our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as our newsletter. Follow us to stay informed by visiting THIS LINK

On June 8 we visited with Rev. Damon Lynch, III, Gene Ellington, and Amber Twitty to learn how they used asset based community development (ABCD) to transform the Roselawn and Bond Hill neighborhoods of Cincinnati. Click the link below to view the recording. 

On September 14, we will visit with the North End Community Improvement Collaborative as they discuss the multifaceted, inside-out transformation happening in the North End neighborhood of Mansfield, Ohio.


On December 14, we will visit with the Neighboring Movement as they discuss their unique strategy for inspiring, catalyzing, and nurturing ground-up change in the South Central neighborhood of Wichita, Kansas and beyond.

Save the Date: September 10 is Restoring Our Cities

Restoring Our Cities (ROC) is a cycling event for amateurs and cycling enthusiasts alike. The tour is organized by Great Lakes Urban and is open to the public for participation. Cyclists will be able to ride 5 to 100 mile routes. Registration is $35 to ride per individual or $25 per person for a family of 4 or more. T-shirts, snacks, and support is provided.

All proceeds will go toward helping the Connectors we support build strong neighborhoods and vibrant cities.


Lunch + Learns

March 9, 2022: The Enduring Appeal of ABCD

Two of the great luminaries of the global Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) movement -- John McKnight, Co-Founder of the ABCD Institute, and Cormac Russell, Director of ABCD Europe -- join with Tecca Jones, a Grand Rapids connector, for a special edition of our Lunch+Learn series to discuss the upcoming book: The Connected Community: Discovering the Health, Wealth & Power of Neighborhoods

December 1, 2021: Growing Change in Grand Rapids

Listen in to a moderated discussion with Wayne Squires, Director of Bates Place Neighbors, and resident leaders, Tecca and Luke, to learn how neighborhoods in Grand Rapids, MI are growing into safe and strong communities, and how you can support these efforts in your neighborhood.

September 15, 2021: Learning to Listen in Godfrey Lee

Listen as Wyoming's Mayor, Jack Poll, our community connector in the Godfrey Lee neighborhood, Doris Perez, and Godfrey Lee resident and neighborhood team leader, Susan Van Bronkhorst, discuss how steady efforts to connect with neighbors add up to stronger, more abundant communities  

June 2, 2021: Hitting the Road: ABCD from Around the Nation

Listen in as we gathered with leaders from Richmond, VA, Mercede, A, and Memphis, TN to learn about how Asset Based Community Development strengthens neighborhoods and transforms lives across the nation. We were joined by Cheryl Gross-Wright, Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Collaborative RVA, Amy Moritz, Founder and Principal of Amy Moritz Consulting, and Monika Grasley, Founder and Executive Director of Lifeline CDC. 

March 3, 2021: Human Connection Growing in Holland

We heard from a sergeant of the City of Holland’s police force and resident leaders how neighborhoods in Holland are growing into strong and safe communities, and how you can support these efforts in your neighborhood and others in West Michigan. Watch the recording!


Great Lakes Urban regularly provides introductory trainings on Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and Dignity Serves. Demand is often greater than space allows. Register your interest with us now by leaving a message and we will put you on the list to attend our next workshop.

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