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Restoring Our Cities Sponsorship Program


Ways to Partner

33% of Americans report feeling isolated. This has the same health impact as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and it costs our national economy an estimated $406 billion a year.

When you help Great Lakes Urban build strong cities, you are having a transformative impact on people's lives by improving health, safety, economic, and other outcomes. We offer three ways to partner with us in this mission. 


Financial Sponsorship

Your financial support will help us transform lives in 2 new neighborhoods. We provide 3 Restoring Our Cities sponsorship levels (see below). Both one-time or monthly giving options are available. 

$500+ = Block Champion

$1,000+ = Neighborhood Champion

$2,500+ = City Champion

$5,000+ = Regional Champion

Block Champion: Logo on website, T-shirts & on printed materials, promoted at event via signs & announcements, 2 mentions on social media, blog, email & 2 post-event mentions.

Neighborhood Champion: Same as above with 3 pre-event and 2 post-event mentions

City Champion: Same as above with 5 pre-event and 3 post-event mentions

Regional Champion: Same as above, plus 7 pre-event and 4 post-event mentions 

In-Kind Sponsorship

In addition to financial sponsorships, we welcome your support with the following items.

Event marketing and communications

Snacks, water, T-shirts and cyclist supplies

  • Route signs, first aid kits, event materials

  • Snacks, water, T-shirts and cyclist supplies

  • Route signs, first aid kits, event materials




Turn this event into a team building opportunity. Inform your employees, customers or members about how they can get involved. Some options: 

  • Riders participate as solo cyclists, as a family, or as a part of a team representing a business or organization

  • Fundraisers are riders who get their own campaign webpage and materials to secure donations

  • Donors donate toward the event or to the campaigns of their colleagues

Employee/Member Sponsorship

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