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Great Lakes Urban Restoration Network connects people in communities and strengthens their efforts to build strong, safe, and healthy neighborhoods. Connected neighbors can tap into their existing resources and skills to improve the things they find most important to their well being, like better education or access to healthy food.

We are based in Zeeland, Michigan and work in the cities of Holland, Grand Rapids, and several other regions of West Michigan. We are focused on building a movement based on the principles and practices of asset-based community development. Our goal is to discover, coach, and support leaders across North America who are already working to create strong communities.

We Believe in Possibility

Abundance is everywhere in our neighborhoods, and so often we let challenges get in the way of seeing it. Great Lakes Urban discovers and supports neighborhood leaders who who see more in their neighbors than meets the eye.

We Believe Place is Key

Something happens when neighbors recognize their power to improve the place where they live. This experience becomes even deeper when they build local relationships and create shared visions of what their communities can be, and then work together to achieve them.

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We Believe in People

We bring leaders together. We provide a national network for coaches who convene neighborhood organizers. We establish regional teams of city leaders in education, government, social services, and business to bolster the locally grown efforts of individual neighborhoods.


Communities and cities are thriving because neighbors are working together.


Connecting and convening leaders to work together for the improvement of their neighborhoods, communities, and cities.


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