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Are you interested in learning more about, or in joining, a network of like-minded ABCD practitioners or trainer-coaches? Contact us now for more information about our available workshops.




Maybe you wonder how to offer help without hurting others, without compounding dependency, without being paternalistic. Dignity Serves has helped thousands of people use their gifts to effectively serve others. Trained facilitators guide you through this six-lesson interactive study.  It is a paradigm shifting, deeply impactful learning experience that will teach you how to give and receive with dignity in every aspect of life.

9 Hours – Best taught within a 2-day time frame.

Have you heard the phrase “find a need and fill it”? Have you asked a non-profit what “problem” they exist to reduce or eliminate? How is this problem-solving approach working for your community? If you live in communities like ours, the proliferation of well-meaning nonprofit organizations is not enough to address the challenges we’re facing. If you’re interested in learning a different approach to poverty alleviation, this course is for you.

12 Hours – Best taught in 2 or 3 modules taught fairly close together.


Great Lakes Urban has a 12 to 24-month training curriculum with coaching to become a Certified ABCD Trainer. Any person who successfully completes our ABCD training (or its equivalent), co-facilitates a training with a current Certified ABCD Trainer, facilitates a training with feedback from a current Certified ABCD Trainer, and pays a one-time fee, is eligible to be a Certified ABCD Trainer.

Great Lakes Urban has a 12 to 24-month training curriculum with coaching. Any person who has completed the requirements to become a Certified ABCD Trainer, and has been visited by a staff member to observe their context is eligible to be a Certified ABCD Coach/Trainer.

Certified ABCD Coach
Certified ABCD Trainer


Although Jay is an expert in the ABCD processes, he didnʼt approach our consultation times together with how he would do things, but rather helped me to think through the various possibilities. Jay is adept at listening well. He truly is a compassionate helper while being highly qualified to provide effective guidance. Although I had been engaged in community ministry as a Senior Pastor for 23 years when we first met, I was uninformed about the ABCD approach. Jay, through years of coaching, helped me to incrementally learn and apply the principles of ABCD effectively in my context. "


-James Moynihan, Yorktown VA.

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