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Join The Restoring Our Cities Fundraising Team!

Things to Know

Becoming a fundraiser means you commit to raising money from your network of friends, family, church, work, social media, etc. to support your ride and fuel the mission. You will set your own campaign goal, but we recommend a goal of $200 (or more!). Join a winning team and make a difference in 4 easy steps:

  1. Register to Ride: If you haven't already, register to ride by clicking HERE. Are you joining an existing team? After you enter your registration details, you'll have the option of picking a team at a prompt labelled "Select Fundraiser."

  2. Learn: Click HERE for instructions about how to create and manage your own peer-to-peer fundraising webpage.

  3. Create a Webpage: Next, click HERE to build your own webpage (NOTE: if you are joining an existing team, you can skip this step). You will upload a picture and enter your story and fundraising goal. With this information, your campaign webpage will be created. You can use this webpage to raise support and post to Facebook or other platforms.

  4. Access Your Materials: Once you have finished creating your webpage, you'll receive a follow-up email that will grant you access to a number of items (social media toolkit with sample posts, an editable fundraising letter to customize and send, printable event flyer and donor cards, etc.) to help you reach your goal.

  5. Raise Support: Now the fun begins! Use your webpage and the provided materials to raise support for your ride from friends, family, and work, church, or group colleagues.

Day 4 pre-ride grp.JPG

Why Do It?

Sign up today and you'll be joining a winning team! You'll feel the gratification of knowing you've made a difference. Together, our ROC Fundraisers are the engine that fuel the vision for strong neighborhoods and vibrant cities. 

Want to learn more?

  1. Click HERE to read Susan's story about why she rides to support Restoring Our Cities.

  2. Click HERE to learn what your fundraising efforts will help to achieve. 

Have questions?

Call: Nicole Cheeks 616-437-2160


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