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Thank you for bringing hope and connection to places of loneliness and isolation.


Meet Doris Perez, one of the many Neighborhood Connectors whose efforts your gift will support.

Doris was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, where her parents were both heavily involved in their community.  They ran medical clinic out of a trailer that they moved all over the island to bring assistance to people.  Every person that they helped was treated with dignity and love – a value that was very important for their family, and one that Doris continues to practice to this day.

As a Neighbor Connector in Wyoming, MI, her home since completing a degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Doris’ favorite thing to do is getting to know and appreciate what her neighbors have to offer.  She says, “Every person has a distinctive, beautiful thing to contribute.” Doris' efforts have led to actions that have improved the Godfrey Lee neighborhood. 

For example, one group of neighbors now works together in a community garden to grow food for neighbors. Another group started a walking club to improve health outcomes. A group of youth are engaged in a history project to strengthen the appreciation of local heritage. Yet another group is planting trees to improve the look of the neighborhood. And much, much more.

As neighbors connect around these and other activities, care for each other grows. As care for each other grows, neighbors are finding ways to meet each other's needs. For example, a much needed appliance was purchased and installed for a couple in the neighborhood experiencing health concerns. Another neighbor found an opportunity to earn income. And much, much more.

Taken together, these activities, and increased care, add up to a stronger, more vibrant neighborhood.  Stronger neighborhoods can advocate for larger changes that bring prosperity for all.  But, work like this doesn’t happen without people like Doris.  And she needs your support to keep things growing.  Click the Update tab above to learn about Doris and other stories.

The bottom line? Here's how your support helps our network of connectors make change happen.

  • Your gift of $25 helps a connector organize a walking club or potluck. 

  • Your gift of $50 helps a connector remodel a house in disrepair. 

  • Your gift of $100 helps a connector start an urban garden plot. 

  • Your gift of $250 helps a connector install a needed appliance for a neighbor. 

  • Your gift of $500 helps a connector accomplish a mural, park, or public art project. 

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