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"Won't You Be My Neighbor" Day is Nearly Here!

In honor of the birthday of Fred Rogers, beloved T.V. personality from "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," March 20 is Won't You Be My Neighbor Day. March might be an opportune time to try something new in your neighborhood.

Looking for ideas and inspiration? Check out the ideas below.

1) Visit the Good Neighbor page of our website for ideas and inspiration. You can always email or call/text 937-935-4844 if you have questions, want to share your neighboring idea, or need help implementing a project.

2) A good place to start is with the 8 Door Challenge. Our friend David Burton explains how he got to know his immediate neighbors at THIS VIDEO. David also hosts virtual Neighboring 101 sessions on a monthly basis. Register at THIS LINK.

3) Sign up to get a weekly Neighboring Tip from our friends at the Neighboring Movement in your email inbox by visiting THIS LINK. You can also join quarterly virtual gatherings, listen to neighboring podcasts, and more at THIS LINK.

4) Ready to take it a step further? Get trained in Asset Based Community Development by our friend and colleagues at the ABCD Institute. Visit THIS LINK for the upcoming virtual course beginning mid March.

If you have questions, or if you do an act of good neighboring this month, please let us know at or 937-935-4844. We'd LOVE to be able to share about the impact of our collective acts of good neighboring in the next newsletter or blog post.

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