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Volunteers in Motion: Meet the Geelhoeds

The Geelhoeds, friends of Great Lakes Urban, organize a team (Plymouth Peddlers) every year to ride in the Restoring Our Communities (ROC) family-friendly cycling event. They fundraise over $1,000 annually through ROC. We interviewed them recently. 

Joe & Alice, can you share about your support of neighborhoods?

We mentor youth, do garage sales and crafts to raise funds for Connectors, and we work at the Plymouth Heights food pantry. These activities keep us connected to our neighbors that benefit from these resources. Connections matter. Yesterday, the local track coach had the students running sprints on our street since the neighborhood was outside. Neighbors and children were able to engage with the track team. It was a needed positive experience. And when our church is compassionately involved with the neighborhood, the entire diverse community is blessed with many ways to connect. 

What about ROC? How’d you get involved and why does it matter to you?

One thing about us is we live in a neighborhood where you see it every day. You know the stresses and the issues and you want to make it better. Fundraising for ROC is a way to do that. It’s ultimately about relationships. We first got involved when we were invited by Dave. And, through ROC we’ve gotten to know other good people, such as Kara. Kara lives in our neighborhood now, and has been a real gift. We’d miss being a part of the ROC community if we weren’t involved every year. 

What would you say to others curious about ROC and giving back?

Just do it. Register for ROC. If you can, pull some people together and make it a team experience with folks from your group or church. You’ll grow your relationships and feel good about the difference you’re making in places that need it. It’s a simple way to start your own journey with neighborhoods.

Thanks so much Joe & Alice. Your efforts matter!

Visit for details on our 10th annual ride at Millennium Park on September 7. Can’t make it? Donate toward Joe & Alice’s ride today!

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