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Take Four: 4 Ways You Can Help

We need you! Help us deepen our impact in 2023! Here are four ideas to get you started.

1. On September 9 we'll be hosting our 9th annual Restoring Our Cities family-friendly cycling and fundraising event. What can you do? Join us as a rider, organize a fundraising team with family, co-workers, or church friends, or link us to sponsors. Learn more about this event at

2. Did you know you can find us on social media? You can help us grow our presence by liking and following our pages. With a few clicks you can meaningfully extend our reach and resources and help us help even more neighbors and communities. Start today by going to Facebook or LinkedIn.

3. When we say “neighborhood,” what comes to mind? Did you picture a subdivision, city street, or a rural homestead? Whatever neighborhood means to you, you can gift those living around you with connection and community. Need ideas to get started? Visit

4. Join us as we equip people to do asset based community development, or ABCD. You can find options by visiting Our next Bright Spots in ABCD episode, for example, will occur April 26 from 12p-1p ET. Or sign up to get trained as an ABCD practitioner or certified trainer.

Have questions or feedback? Contact Eric at 937-935-4844 or

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