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Sharing for Change: A Self-Help Group Forms

Godfrey Lee is a diverse neighborhood in Wyoming, MI. Anchoring the asset based community development work in Godfrey Lee is a neighborhood-based and resident-led nonprofit organization called the Godfrey Lee Listeners, or GLL. GLL discovers and connects the talents and interests of neighbors, mobilizing them to build Godfrey Lee as a great place to live.

GLL is led by a Community Connector, Doris Perez, who recently said that, "for me it is a great satisfaction to work with our neighborhood women’s group. These are women from different cultures, mostly Latinas, who have decided to come together to flourish in leadership, development and service to our neighborhood."

Since the first week of September, the 21 neighbors that have participated in the women's group have been busy making Christmas arrangements to sell. This project has helped the women be involved in a fundraising activity for our GLL, which helped them get started. Proceeds are also split with the women, making this the first project of a new social enterprise.

This is one of many ways GLL is transforming lives and strengthening the neighborhood. To make a donation and pick out an arrangement, email Reach out today because supplies are going quickly! Proceeds will, among other things, be used to support the mothers and recent immigrants that call Godfrey Lee home."

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