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Owning Change: Meet Meadow Lanes Townhomes

Holland, Michigan's southwest corner is directing its future story. One example comes from Meadow Lanes Townhomes, a mixed income community that offers rent at more affordable rates depending on people's income levels. A group of residents, led by Renee Jennings, have organized a series of community gatherings, building connective tissue at this 118-unit housing complex. Designed for neighbor-to-neighbor fellowship, these events also provide a great opportunity for community listening. One theme that has clearly emerged from conversations is people's interest in self-care, mutual aid, and encouraging well-being.

The gatherings began in the summer of 2022 with grilled meals and children's activities. It has since shifted indoors, still with homecooked meals and lots of camaraderie, but now also with local resources and organizations joining in. Twice a month the residents join together to cultivate community and are looking forward to building healthy skills together. Residents are keenly aware that massive systemic changes are necessary for a more solid and holistically thriving community. For now they are taking ownership of their space, co-creating a foundation for that thriving community. We can't wait to see what else Renee and our friends at Meadow Lanes accomplish going forward!

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