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Michigan Spotlight: Montello Park

Thanks to a grant from the Oakspring Fund of the Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area, Great Lakes Urban and 3Sixty will partner to expand the Neighborhood Connector program to Montello Park!

This grant will support the emerging work in the City of Holland, Michigan’s Montello Park neighborhood! Montello Park, a westside neighborhood located from South Shore Drive to 32nd St, between Ottawa and Graafschap, represents the sixth (and newest) neighborhood to establish a connector program.

The funding will provide for the hiring of a part-time Neighborhood Connector to begin organizing and supporting the residents of Montello Park to care for one another, and to build a vibrant community in partnership with neighboring congregations, businesses, and other organizations.

The grant adds to the support already being provided by the City of Holland, as well as four partner churches, all located in Montello Park (All Saints Holland, Christ Memorial Church, La Casa de Mi Padre, and Real Life Fellowship), who have contributed funding as well as time and energy to make this work viable.

3Sixty has been laying the groundwork for this expansion since 2022. Staff have been out and about, getting to know neighbors, discovering what they care about, coordinating a gatherings and a clean-up events, and organizing an Asset-Based Community Development training for residents and leaders.

Smith noted that, “This is an exciting step for Holland and for the neighbors and stakeholders dedicated to growing a community where all can flourish!”

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