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Lunch+Learn Series: Inspiring Belonging

Visit to learn more about the North End neighborhood

Funds raised through ROC and Giving Tuesday make it possible to provide our network of neighborhood connectors and partners with funding support. Another way Great Lakes Urban cultivates connection and change is through our quarterly Lunch+Learns. This series creates space for inspiration, learning, and solidarity through live, virtual interviews with leaders and innovators in the Asset Based Community Development--or ABCD--movement.

On September 14, we heard from Deanna West-Torrence (Founder & Executive Director), Tony Chinni (Research & Development Manager), and Mario Davison (Community Organizer) of the North End Neighborhood Improvement Collaborative, or NECIC. NECIC is a Mansfield, Ohio-based nonprofit that uses ABCD in their mission to revitalize the North End neighborhood. You'll want to hear, among other things, how using an asset lens helped turn a potential $20,000 property fine into a $100,000 gain for neighborhood residents and entrepreneurs!

To catch that story and a lot of other insights, visit From there, you can click on links to our past Lunch+Learns. You can also see who we'll be interviewing next. We hope you'll join us on December 14 as we host another Lunch+Learn with another "best in class" organization, the Neighboring Movement, out of Wichita, Kansas.

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