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Growing Change: An Update from Holland, MI

3sixty, a local nonprofit organization, is committed to lasting change in the neighborhoods of Holland, MI. 3sixty cultivates connections among, and organizes projects with, neighbors. While 3sixty’s home will always be in the Eastcore neighborhood, it is proud to be branching out to do more community connecting work in the surrounding areas, beginning with the Montello Park neighborhood.

Montello Park's boundaries run between South Shore Drive to 32nd Street, and between Ottawa and Graafschap. Over the summer some initial listening took place to find out what people care about in this diverse community, and how they might envision working together to build a flourishing neighborhood.

Then, on September 28th (a day known nationally as Good Neighbor Day), 3sixty, alongside four neighborhood churches, hosted a block party on Plasman Ave. to officially launch the initiative. Over 100 people turned out to eat some great food, have some fun, and celebrate the good neighbors of Montello Park! The emerging Montello Park story brings the total number of neighborhoods in Holland with connectors to six.

Kelli, who helps lead the new initiative, remarked that, "The work that 3sixty does alongside neighbors is so valuable, and I am excited to see how it grows in the Montello Park neighborhood. Our hope is that neighbors would be encouraged to continue on with the good work they are already doing in their community, and that others would become curious about what it means to create lasting change in the place they call home."

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