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Giving for Change: You Make the Difference

Our work matters now more than ever. For example, a recent Cigna-funded study by Morning Consult has found that more than half of U.S. adults (58%) are considered lonely.

Will you give the gift of belonging, hope and change in the face of this growing issue? An end of year gift to Great Lakes Urban will help us start 2023 off in a strong position.

Invest today and you will be part of turning the tide by helping us:

  • Add staff capacity so that we can coach and train even more leaders and connectors

  • Build a national network of Asset Based Community Development trainers and practitioners

  • Launch our CommunityWorks grant program to bring our framework to new communities

  • Support connectors and coaches as they transform lives and neighborhoods

PLUS.... Thanks to the support of a generous donor, if you give today you will double your impact through our matching fund program!

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