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Flourishing Round-Up

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

In an occasional series we bring you a round-up of some our staff's favorite resources on connecting and flourishing.

Watch: In partnership with UnoDeuce Multimedia, Great Lakes Urban recently released a new 90-second video on how Neighborhood Connectors improve a place's physical and social environment. Check out the video, which was recently nominated for an award, at

Listen in: Great Lakes Urban is committed to equipping people to make a difference where they live, work, play and worship. One of the ways we do this is through our quarterly, free, virtual Bright Spots in ABCD series. We think you'll especially enjoy our most recent discussion with The Hopeful Neighborhood Project. Check it out at

Read: McKnight & Russell discuss in their book, The Connected Community: Discovering the Health, Wealth & Power of Neighborhoods, the basic building blocks of change. A recent blog post describes how our work catalyzes these building blocks. McKnight & Russell also discuss the seven super powers of a connected community. Have you thought about the role neighborhoods play in a creating a flourishing environment for all? Read about our series at

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