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Celebrating Connection

Over the summer, seven participants completed a 12-week Community Connector course. During the course, they spent six weeks learning Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) skills, such as listening for joys, passions, patterns, and connections of neighbors. The following six weeks explored in-depth community-based actions where participants completed both in-class and community-based activities.

Some of the outcomes included:

  • Participants organized two family events at Meadow Lanes Townhomes, including a game night with a variety of board games and corn hole and an Octoberfest gathering featuring a costume contest. Both were great fun and heartwarming.

  • Participants from Pioneer Village hosted several events as well, including crafting events, movie nights, and Christmas Caroling.

  • Participants are also planning events for the families living at Harbor Village Apartments. These three complexes, taken together, make up a large share of the population of the Jefferson Elementary attendance zone.

This energized set of connectors is already showing what’s possible in an environment that can feel disconnected. 

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