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Building Community to Support Community Building

Thanks to your support, our annual Restoring Our Cities fundraiser was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who rode, donated, and volunteered for such an incredible day of connection, stories, and fun!

The annual Restoring Our Cities (ROC) fundraiser was this past month! This event has fueled the work of Great Lakes Urban over the past several years and also provides a unique opportunity. ROC is made possible through the support of donors, organizers, fundraisers, local businesses, and sponsors. It also relies on everyday neighbors who see more in their community, Neighborhood Connectors, and grassroots nonprofits. Each person leverages their gifts and interests to create vibrant neighborhoods.

At the ROC fundraiser, we had the privilege of bringing all of those groups together. Those supporting the work, curious about the work, on the ground doing the work in their own neighborhood, and even those cycling enthusiasts who just couldn’t pass up such a great day to ride. As we mingled, stories were shared, and people who, outside of this event, would probably never cross paths forged connections. By the end of the day, the remark “It was really great to meet you” became a familiar phrase.

ROC was a huge success! Not only did we raise the funds we need to continue planting community and harvesting hope, we also saw the joy of our work in full force. Everyday people coming together for the good of the community. We’ll ride again Sept. 7, 2024 in the 10th annual! Visit to see pictures, what we raised, and more!

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