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Blueprint for Neighborhood Flourishing

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

In 2022, the City of Holland set out to write what would become the Blueprint for Flourishing Neighborhoods. As the blueprint reads,

The report that follows seeks to provide a framework and roadmap for Holland's

neighborhoods to advance toward greater flourishing. A place that is flourishing, in this

context, means one that is thriving, resilient, inclusive, and one that offers an equitable

equitable opportunity for all to prosper.

The blueprint analyzes local data and national best practices across the following six elements that significantly influence individual and neighborhood flourishing: Connectedness, Engagement, and Inclusiveness, Safety and Resilience, Diversity, Sense of Place and Character, Accessibility of Amenities, and finally, Economic Vitality and Opportunity

The review of the data and analysis of best practices culminates in a list of 39 prospective strategies deemed likely to improve the strength and health of Holland’s neighborhoods. These strategies are categorized according to implementation priority. One top priority is to, "support the expansion of the Neighborhood Connector network within interested neighborhoods."

Great Lakes Urban supports this priority through a partnership with the city in a area known provisionally as West of Washington (circled in blue on the map). Below we discuss some of the achievements, challenges and exciting news about the work here. Learn about the City of Holland's neighborhood development resources at

Holland map

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