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Although Jay is an “expert” in the ABCD processes, he didnʼt approach our consultation times together with how he would do things, but rather helped me to think through the various possibilities. Jay is adept at listening well. He truly is a compassionate helper while being highly qualified to provide effective guidance. Although I had been engaged in community ministry as a Senior Pastor for 23 years when we first met, I was uninformed about the ABCD approach. Jay, through years of coaching, helped me to incrementally learn and apply the principles of ABCD effectively in my context. "


-James Moynihan, Yorktown VA.


Early on in my career, Jay introduced me to and trained me in, "Appreciative Inquiry." He spoke into and helped develop my strengths. This training was foundational in my development as a community developer, coach, trainer, and consultant. The encouragement Jay gave me along the way has been instrumental to my career and I truly believe I would not be where I am today without Jay's coaching.


-Tronn Moller, New Orleans LA



Jay does not practice "one size fits all" approach to coaching, but coaches specifically for you as an individual. He has a unique talent for recognizing your strengths and developing your potential. 


-Monika Grasely, Merced CA

As a result of Jay's coaching and training I am better equipped to do my job and a better neighbor. He has been instrumental in my development in key skills such as facilitation, training, coaching, consulting, teaching, and neighboring. However above all this Jay has gifted me with confidence in my strengths and abilities, I would not trade this for anything. 


-Bethany Dudley, Chicago IL.


Jay is a gifted coach and trainer. He works with your specific style of communicating- he listens, he pushes when needed, he has an amazing gift for bringing in the exact resource you need at the exact time you need it.


-Wendy McCaig ,Richmond VA



""Jay has been a friend and coach whose knowledge, expertise, and passion for community development has expanded my own personal growth and shaped our organization's mission and vision. "


-Terri Larson, Los Angeles CA 



"The Dignity Serves training has certainly impacted each of us in a profound way! We have some new tools in our tool box and I can see the team evolving as we learn how to engage neighbors more effectively."


-Lisa Mathews,  Husonville MI

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