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Meet Brigit Hassig: Our Newest Board Member

Brigit Hassig is the most recent member to join the Great Lakes Urban board of directors. We recently caught up with Brigit to learn more about her. Brigit brings an impressive resume, as well as a strong commitment to real and lasting change. Join us in thanking her for committing her time and talent to stewarding our mission!

Can you tell us a little about your background, Brigit?

Throughout my career, which is a unique hybrid of human service and corporate leadership, I have been brought in to open opportunities in changing markets or build on the core competencies of an organization to release new avenues, products, and experiences. I like to draw connections between seemingly disparate parts, create trendsetters before the trends, open up synergies previously untapped, and transform assets waiting to be creatively leveraged. Currently I do this as the Chief of Staff/Operations Director for Visible Hands Collaborative.

What interested you in helping to steward Great Lakes Urban as a board member?

As a social entrepreneur and nonprofit executive, I seek to design or expand upon the most efficient, impactful and sustainable practices that serve to create stronger communities. Participating on the Great Lakes Urban Board provides that outlet for this passion as our work is rooted in practice, authentic to a community and made alive by community neighbors!

Thank you, Brigit! We are delighted that you've joined the board!

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