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City Wall Mural Festival: The Color of Belonging


At Great Lakes Urban we often talk about the building blocks that are available in every neighborhood for self-development. One of those building blocks is history, culture and stories. What better way to bring culture and story to life than through the arts? Art--especially public art, like murals--can play a role in building a sense of place, and a sense of place is a critical ingredient for inside-out neighborhood transformation.

We want to congratulate 3sixty, a key Holland, MI partner, for a successful City Walls Mural Festival this summer. The festival included mural painting by dozens of artists, a block party complete with music, food, carnival games, kids' activities, pinatas and a visit from the Holland Department of Public Safety's Polar Patrol, as well as opportunities for residents to share what they felt a flourishing Eastcore neighborhood would be like.

What makes events like these possible is the hard work of residents and community allies. 3sixty is hard at work strengthening its organizational infrastructure. In fact, 3sixty was recently featured in an article by the nationally recognized Lupton Center. You can read the article by visiting and looking for the August 30 article titled "City Shapers Update: Holland, Michigan"

Congratulations 3sixty for an eventful and successful summer!

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